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Beyond the Press Release: the Web as a Campaign Tool
Senator Edward Kennedy won re-election last month in Massachusetts. Chris Lapham examines the role a campaign web played in the election.

Netting in the Office: The Internet's Place in the Business Community
According to Stephen Ward, for the majority of working professionals, the Internet simply isn`t a time efficient resource. Faster modems, better software, and cheaper connections may be needed before mainstream America gets wired.

This Familiar Strangeness: A Look into the Future of Electronic Publishing
Jean-Claude Guedon, the founder of one of the first on-line scholarly journals, believes we all can help determine the future of electronic publishing. Wendy Pepping presents Guedon's distinctive vision.

The Computer Trade Press, the Web, and Our Collective Future
David Strom explores how a savy reporter can use Email, the Web, FTP, and Net News to write for the trade press.

Book Excerpt: The Internet as Catalyst for a Paradigm Shift
The corporate world may have controlled other forms of mass communication, but the Internet's democratic if not subversive nature is shifting power to budding entrepreneurs ready to engage the power of cyberspace. This chapter from Michael Strangelove's new book explores these issues.

LIST REVIEW: Megabyte University (MBU-L)--Computers and Writing, by Mick Doherty

From the Nets

The Last Link:
The Virtualization of Local Life: A Tale of Two Teachers
Stephen Doheny-Farina examines the "virtualization" of physical space in education.

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