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Masthead / ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 1, Number 3 / July 1, 1994 / Page 1

"Show Me" a Decade of Computers and Writing: Mizzou '94
Michael E. Doherty, Jr. describes the electric atmosphere at the Computers & Writing Conference in Columbia, Missouri.

Announcing the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Margaret McLaughlin introduces a new, peer-reviewed scientific journal which will cover Computer-Mediated Communication.
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    An Overview of the Society of Electronic News Delivery
    Anne Bilodeau calls for participation in a group for journalists, publishers, consultants, online services, educators and assorted others to take a searching look at the future of electronic/online news products.

    PLATO: The Emergence of On-Line Community
    David R. Woolley traces the development of the communication features of PLATO, a timesharing system for Computer-Based Education, and how its use spawned one of the world's first on-line communities.

    The Beginning Teachers Computer Network
    Jonathan Grudin relates the experience of using a computer network to help new teachers overcome the isolation of teaching.

    The Common Place MOO: Orality and Literacy in Virtual Reality
    Are virtual realities an answer to Socrates's critique of writing, and to modern condemnations of electronic media? Don Langham explores the meaning of Moo-based discourse.

    Into the Net: A Reporter's Transformation
    Anne Bilodeau evokes her personal coming-of-age to the wider world of the Net.

    Technology in the Classroom: Proceed with Caution
    How should technology be introduced in the classroom? Are computers an end in themselves? Steve Cameron takes a stand.

    Pyxis Cyberea
    How can journalists write in hypertext? Gary Ritzenthaler discusses experiments with global hypermedia in the Florida Compass news project.

    From the Nets
    Waves... Threads... Catches....

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