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Masthead / ISSN applied for / Volume 1, Number 1 / May 1, 1994 / Page 1


Ray Smith Explains Bell Atlantic
At the recent National Net '94 conference, Ray Smith, CEO of Bell-Atlantic, described his company's success in terms of lessons learned. He also hinted at a coming announcement about Bell-Atlantic services.

US National Information Infrastructure Linked to National Wealth
At the recent National Net '94 conference, US Deputy Secretary of Commerce David Barram described how the NII is part of an overall plan for making the US economically competitive.

Working Together at National Net '94
Internet enthusiasts gathered in Washington, DC recently to talk about the present and future of the Internet and the National Information Infrastructure initiative. At issue was how to negotiate an increasingly complex netscape.

Exploring Computers and Composition: New Processes, New Identities
The recent Conference on College Composition and Communication raised issues of how advances in teaching practices and instruction raise new ideas about the nature of online instruction and discourse.

A Welcome and a Challenge
The editor describes a vision for a for CMC Magazine and the CMC Studies Center.

Editor's Page
The editor describes this issue and calls for participation.

What is going on? What's hot? What's not?
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