Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

Masthead / ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 1, Number 6 / October 1, 1994 / Page 1

Editor's Page

Waiting for the Future in Sunshine City
Major telecom players in Japan are concocting a future--will it become a reality? John Ratliff went to the Communication World '94 expo recently held in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Japan and examined the reality behind the hype.

News Flash: Building the Global Student News
Gary Ritzenthaler describes a network of student writers using the Internet as a way to get in touch with technologies, gather news, and provide content for global and national publications.

Can New York Enter the Information Age?
Is New York State public telecommunications policy choking the telephone industry in the state? Or are telecos following a myopic product development plan?

Japan Playing Catch-Up in Digital Communications
John Ratliff examines policy issues involved with Japan's efforts to develop a national information infrastructure.

The Internet for Journalists: The Fourth Estate in Cyberspace
How are journalists now using the Net for research and communication? Gary Gach surveys how journalists are using a wide variety of Internet tools and forums for newsgathering.

Challenges for Web Information Providers
John December examines the growth of Web-based information, surveys his experience in providing information about Internet information sources, explores issues about Web information quality, and suggests issues of concern for Web information providers.

BOOK REVIEW: Netiquette by Virginia Shea
Robert M. Slade reviews Netiquette (Albion Books, 1994), a book that aims to guide the user to the social norms of the Net.

From the Nets
Waves... Threads... Catches....

More about citation style... an open letter...

What is our "default" relationship with technology? Stephen Doheny-Farina examines Xerox PARC's assumptions about ubiquitous computing.