Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

Masthead / ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 1, Number 5 / September 1, 1994 / Page 1

Editor's Page

New Spiders Roam the Web
The Web is a tangle of bifurcating tendrils; how can you find anything? John December reports on new Web Spiders (and more) that have been roaming the Web this summer.

Meet Me in Cyberspace
Once MUDs were the exclusive stomping ground of wizards and hackers, but now World Benders, Inc. aims to bring them to the business community. Chris Hand provides an overview of the use of MUDs and an interview with Jon Callas, World Benders' Director of Technology, in MUDspace.

Issue Management in a Networked world: The Case of "Clipper"
Andrew P. Dinsdale takes a close look at Clipper and traces how the Internet has been used as a tool to manage the issues involved.

The Internet, Electric Gaia and the Rise of the Uncensored Self
Michael Strangelove describes his views of how the Internet will give birth to a new form of human behavior and new form of human consciousness--the uncensored self.

Mindless Child of Mother Net
What's the value of online communication? Is it all mindless chatter? Man O' Sung critiques the Nets.

Pyxis Cyberea
How will advertisers tap into the Web's potential for reaching mass audiences? What are the forms online advertising can take? Steve Brown explores these issues raised in the Florida Compass news project.

From the Nets
Waves... Threads... Scoop... Catches....

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