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ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 3, Number 3 / March 1, 1996

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Why Bring Gender Online?
Lisa Schmeiser introduces this special issue on women and gender online...


* Gender Without Bodies
Do we have a body in cyberspace? If so, what is the relationship of our mind to that body? If not, what gender are we online? Mindy McAdams meditates on the sense of place and qualities of gender in computer-mediated communication.

* Grrrls Exude Attitude
Amelia DeLoach introduces us to grrrls. They're in no pink ghetto: they weave webs, live what they believe, find meaning in inclusion, publish, flourish, and kick ass.

* Book Review Essay: The Gendered Mystique
Leslie Regan Shade weaves a review of four recent books exploring gender identity in networked virtual communities and Net resources for women: The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the Mechanical Age, Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet, Nattering on the Net: Women, Power, and Cyberspace, and NetChick: A Smart-Girl Guide to the Wired World.


* Editorial: The Dimming of the Web
Last month, freedom of speech on the Web took a major blow: a United States law that potentially criminalizes much discourse on the Net. This editorial explores the flaws and implications of this law.

* Call for Articles: The World Wide Web?
Lisa Schmeiser asks: what happened to the world in the World Wide Web? She calls for articles in a forthcoming special issue of CMC Magazine devoted to global computer-mediated communication.

* Call for Articles: Hyperfiction and Criticism
The December 1996 issue of CMC Magazine will include hyperfiction and criticism. This call for articles invites participation and offers cash prizes for excellent writing.

* The Last Link
John December speculates on the disproportionate participation by women on the Web. He critiques the role of legitimizing influences on perpetuating this imbalance.

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