Here is the procedure you can use to read an article using the -- symbols as guides:

  1. Start on the front page of the article.

  2. Read the surface text of the page; this will familiarize you with the entire ideas represented on that page.

  3. Identify the hypertext link which is marked with --. Call this link the "path link."

  4. Follow the path link to another page of the article.

  5. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until you will reach the end of the article and the symbol, [TOC]. You might stray off the path, but just use the back function of your browser to return to the page with your current path link.

These path links are not intended to constrain the choices for encountering information we hope our articles give you; rather, these path links give you cues to completely "tour" an article.

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