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The Internet helps workers and jobs connect in ways never possible before. High-quality service providers can connect with organizations in a global marketplace.

If you are a seller of services...

Find Freelance Work!

Gain possibilities for independence.

Want to reach clients well beyond your geographic location? Put your skills to work as a freelancer--outsource yourself. You no longer have to waste your time in office politics or wondering if your job is going to be cut--you can gain productive, satisfying work as a freelancer, and you'll no longer have to depend on a just one source of income or one geographic area for work.

Thousands of service providers already use freelancing to market their expertise. By working online, you can choose the place where you want to live and avoid commuting costs and hassles.

Create a new stream of income and possibly a new way of life for yourself.

If you are a buyer of services...

Find a freelancer!

Intelligently select freelancers.

Want to get eager freelancers working as if their livelihood depends on pleasing you? As a freelance services buyer, you can choose from service providers who can demonstrate a track record of excellence.

Simply put, you can accomplish your organization's goals more efficiently by getting the right workers exactly when you need them. You thus gain a competitive advantage by tapping the power of a marketplace, not the restrictions and overhead costs of a static workforce.

Homeshoring, Nearshoring, and Outsourcing

In many cases, these projects involve outsourcing (traditionally thought of as contracting with people from other countries), but many times you will be homeshoring (choosing service providers directly from your own country) or nearshoring (choosing service providers in less-expensive locations than your principal business location)--it is your choice.


Freelancer is the world's largest outsourcing marketplace for small business connecting over 1.5 million employers and freelancers globally from over 234 countries & regions.

Employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software, writing, data entry and design right through to engineering and the sciences, sales, marketing, accounting, and legal services.

As a freelancer, you can get work as a freelance coder, writer, programmer, designer, marketer, and more.

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