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This table gives you links to help you explore information spaces on the Internet. Edited by John December. Suggestion?

Recent updates: CompletePlanet, dates of operation of protocols, explanatory text in left column, FTPplanet, Archie dead.

Each protocol used for information exchange on the Internet has defined an "information space" into which people contribute resources accessible in that protocol. Some of these information spaces have a list of servers available or search directories and keyword searchers. This table lists major resources for each information space and memorializes some protocols that have faded into history.

Space  Servers  Subjects  Searcher
Web (1990 - )    Subject  Keyword
Email (1971 - )    Topica    PAML  
FTP (1971 - ) FTP list  FTPplanet  Archie (obsolete)
Usenet (1979 - )  News Feeds  FAQs  Google Groups
Telnet (1972 - )    Hytelnet (Hytelnet is now no longer being maintained; but Telnet is alive)
Finger (1977 - ) rarely used because of security concerns
Gopher (1991 - 2002) rare operation by late 1990's; known site in 2002 at gopher:// (searcher was called  "Veronica")
WAIS (1991 - ?1997) obsolete, no known operation
Proprietary Databases "Deep Web"  CompletePlanet
Find Files "Deep Web"  FindThatFile
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