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The Encyclopedia of Chicago*excellent*
Edited by James R. Grossman, Ann Durkin Keating, Janice L. Reiff
Historical reference on metropolitan Chicago. More than 1,400 entries. Prepared by the Newberry Library with the cooperation of the Chicago Historical Society. "Monumental"--Booklist
Chicago Then and Now
by Elizabeth McNulty
Modern color photos compared to black and white archival photographs of the same scene.
Chicago--City of the Century
A four DVD set that tells the story of the formation of Chicago until the end of the 19th century. Excellent overall presentation. The last disk includes a "Chicago by L" tour of neighborhoods.
City of the Century: The Epic of Chicago and the Making of America
by Donald L. Miller
Chicago's growth from a fur-trading post in the 1830's to a world city by 1900.
Masterpieces of Chicago Architecture
by John Zukowsky, Martha Thorne, Stanley Tigerman (Preface)
Covers the innovations that made Chicago famous for architecture--from the Chicago School to the Prairie School, and Mies, Johnson, and others.
The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America
by Erik Larson
Intrigue surrounding the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.
The Art Institute of Chicago; Twentieth-Century Painting and Sculpture
by Margherita Andreotti, James N. Wood (Editor), Teri J. Edelstein (Editor)
Never a City So Real: A Walk in Chicago
by Alex Kotlowitz
Profiles of people in Chicago.
Chicago: The Second City
by A. J. Liebling
A New Yorker columnist re-looks at Chicago decades after a 1952 tour.
The Chicago Neighborhood Map
by Big Stick, Inc
See 222 Chicago neighborhoods hand-drawn in color on a map!
Chicago Authors
Chicago: City on the Make
by Nelson Algren, Studs Terkel (Introduction)
Native Son
by Richard Wright, John Reilly (Afterword)
Chicago Stories
by James T. Farrell, Charles Fanning (Editor)
Selected Poems
by Gwendolyn Brooks
American Dreams: Lost and Found
by Studs Terkel
Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do
by Studs Terkel
Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago
by Mike Royko
The Adventures of Augie March
by Saul Bellow
The Jungle
by Upton Sinclair, Morris Dickstein (Introduction)
The Pit: A Story of Chicago
by Frank Norris, Joseph R McElrath, Gwendolyn Jones (Editor), gwen Jones, Joseph A. McElrath (Introduction)
Chicago in Film
Blues Brothers--Collector's Edition (1980)
Starring: John Belushi, et al. Director: John Landis; DVD collector's edition.
The Front Page (1974)
Starring: Jack Lemmon, et al. Director: Billy Wilder
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