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Neon Metropolis; How Las Vegas Started the Twenty-First Century
by Hal Rothman
Examines Las Vegas in terms of its history and emergence as a center for gambling and entertainment in general. Rothamn examines in detail the public versus private space struggle that permeates contemporary Las Vegas, as well as the experiences of visitors and residents and what they say about contemporary urban life. See book notes.
Super Casino: Inside the "New" Las Vegas
by Pete Earley
Outlines the emergence of very large casinos and entertainment complexes in the 1990's, transforming Las Vegas gaming into a corporate enterprise with an array of entertainment activities; this book focuses on the business politics and development of Circus Circus (later Mandalay Resort Group), its Luxor casio, and the personal stories of casino executives, dealers, workers, a poker player, a prostitute, a showgirl, and people whose lives cross in Las Vegas.
24/7: Living It Up and Doubling Down
by Andres Martinez
Author hits Las Vegas with $50K on a tour of 10 casinos, wins to $66 K level before finally getting down to $5K, all the while telling about dealers, cab drivers, and others with perspectives marked somewhat by superficialty (he does not discuss crime), banalty (he tells about his tv sitcom watching), and superstition (he believes wins come in "streaks"), revealing his thesis that Las Vegas reflects oneself.
The Last Honest Place in America: Paradise and Perdition in the New Las Vegas
by Marc Cooper
Describes Vegas in terms of its change from small-scale gambling halls to mega resorts, culminating in politically-inspired speculation about class envy and warfare.
Las Vegas: An Unconventional History
by Stephen Ives, Michelle Ferrari
Coffee-table book showing the range of Las Vegas life, including vintage views, casinos, architecture, and the nuclear industry.
Learning from Las Vegas - Revised Edition: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form
by Robert Venturi, Steven Izenour, Denise Scott Brown
Classic work of architectural thought in which the urban form of Las Vegas circa 1972 was explored in terms of how its symbolism and iconography could inform contemporary architecture.
Viva Las Vegas: After-Hours Architecture
by Alan Hess
Describes the architectural and historical evolution of Las Vegas using photos and drawings from postcards to convey how architectural features evolved from fantasies and succeed in terms of how the public's imagination was captured.
Las Vegas: The Social Production of an All-American City
by Mark Gottdiener, Claudia C. Collins, David R. Dickens
An urban-sociological approach to describing the history of Las Vegas' growth into a metropolis. Players in this tale include the federal government, real estate developers, and politicians.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream
by Hunter S. Thompson
Pop-culture classic of gonzo journalist Thompson on a binge through Las Vegas.
Crossing the Expendable Landscape
by Bettina Drew
Bettina Drew provides a deeply personal perspective on a variety of built environments and reveals some insight about how urbanism can be destroyed in Stamford, Connecticut; Hilton Head, North Carolina; Celebration, Florida; Las Vegas; Dallas; and Branson, Missouri. See book notes.
Poker Face: A Girlhood Among Gamblers
by Katy Lederer
Author tells of coping with her yearning for a whole family. She copes with an alcoholic mother, drug-using brother, depression, narcissism, and gambling (poker in Las Vegas). In the end, she comes to some tentative insight into her life.
Las Vegas Then & Now
by Su Kim Chung
Shows images of Las Vegas from the past compared to contemporary photographs.
Las Vegas
by DK Eyewitness Travel Guides
In pictures, diagrams, maps, and colorful graphics, this guide shows you the sights of Las Vegas in a easy-to-use and understand format. Compact and attractive, this guide gives you everything from maps to practical advice to views of the major casinos.
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