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These are video presentations that cover characteristics of people-oriented places and criticisms of urban planning.

Sprawling from Grace -- Driven to Madness
A review of the building of an automobile-oriented society and how we might re-orient our living spaces to humans.
Andrés Duany lecture in San Antonio
This lecture covers how planning can become more oriented toward people. Given by Andrés Duany, an urban planner, a founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and one of the authors of Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream, it is a clear, articulate, and engaging encapsulation of how to foster people-oriented places. The video of the lecture is divided into these parts:
  1. People-oriented places versus the elements of sprawl
  2. Mixed use versus single-use separation
  3. Connection and choice versus separation and no choice
  4. Residential mix versus residental monoculture pods
  5. Affordable, integrated housing in small spaces versus enormous, segregated houses with empty rooms
  6. Sense of place through human-scale spaces versus people-hostile design experiments and/or banality
  7. Human-scale spaces with a focus versus enormous, useless open spaces or spaces to accomodate cars
  8. The people versus the "Gods" (traffic engineers)
  9. Vertical and unique versus horizontal and bland
Perils for Pedestrians
This video series examines issues affecting people who walk and bicycle. Includes videos calling for more walking- and bicycling-friendly cities and showcases of ideas and projects.
"Streetfilms produces videos that show how cities around the world are reclaiming their streets for pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders."
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