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- man: at your Unix prompt, enter man followed by the name of a command. Gives Unix man pages. Example:
$ man date

- Web man: a Web interface to Unix man; for other flavors and keyword searching, see the FreeBSD Hypertext man pages;

- whatis: at your Unix prompt, enter whatis followed by the name of the command. Gives short definition. Example:

$ whatis uname

- Troubleshooting tips: terminal acting "funny"? At your Unix prompt, enter:

$ set term=vt100
$ clear

- Unix: definition in the Free Online Dictionary of Computing
- UNIXhelp for Users: This classic online Unix book can guide you through learning Unix, developed at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

- Unix Tutorial For Beginners: This is an online Unix tutorial, from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom.

- Unix Manuals and Help Files: This site contains some good starting information and lessons for a beginning user of Unix, including a nice and compact vi tutorial.

- Webmonkey Unix Guide: a short but sweet guide to basic Unix commands.

- Unix for Advanced Users: notes used with the "Unix for Advanced Users" course offered by the Unix Workstation Support Group at Indiana University.

- vi Tutorial: a thorough Web-based tutorial about the vi text editor from Purdue University in Indiana, USA.

- Unix FAQs a collection of several frequently-posted informational files from Usenet newsgroups related to comp.unix.*

- Paper books and CDs: get some books about Unix, or order CDs with the text of books on them.

- A guide, suitable for printing, in Adobe Acrobat format, from Rice University, Texas, USA.

- IToolbox UNIX a portal to information, news, guides, and documentation about Unix.

-'s Unix section. This Unix information directory gives you a good overview of many Web resources about Unix.

- Unix Review: read an online magazine with regular columns and feature stories about Unix.

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