Revenue Models

In planning your Web, you might identify making money as one of your objectives. There are a wide variety of models for revenue possible, including things like earning money from direct sales or advertising.

This page lists articles introducing one form of gaining revenue from Web publishing efforts--affiliate programs. These articles provide an introduction for beginners to Web affiliate programs:

  1. The Affiliate Connection: This article helps someone new to affiliate programs understand the basics of how an affiliate program works, the players involved, and the important role that affiliates play in ecommerce.

  2. The Audience Advantage: This article provides an affiliate with a general framework to shape a site's content so that it appeals to an audience for a purpose. Through audience identification, page design, promotion, and analysis, an affiliate can engage in a continuous process of improving results.

  3. The Supremacy of Content: This article gives an affiliate ideas for considering, implementing, and assessing content so that it attracts and engages users and generates a return on investment.

  4. The Mix of Success: Working as an affiliate depends on balancing many issues. This article gives an affiliate some mathematical tools to help make decisions about the mix of merchant links on a site.

Business Models

Web business models

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