Java information sourcesJava Information Sources

This is a list of online information sources about the Java programming language.

Major Java sites
The is the one-stop, comprehensive source of technical documentation and information about Java:
Notable individual Java webs:
These notable individual webs explicate some important aspect of Java development or products.
  • * JavaWorld, a Web-based magazine devoted to Java enthusiasts. Includes regular sections on Nut & Bolts (for programmers), News & Views (happenings and interviews), and Java Resources (lists and reviews).
  • Java News Tip Sheet: lists key online news sources about Java.
Related information webs:
These webs explicate some importants aspects of technologies related to the broader contexts in which Java development occurs.
  • SEI@CMU: Java is a programming language; developers should have an appreciation for good practices in software engineering. This is the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), an excellent place to learn about excellent practices.
Java Index sites:
These are other indexes of Java information.
Java Books:
Best Sellers in Java Programming: from Amazon; shows most popular products based on sales; Updated hourly; subcategories include: Beginner's Guides, Reference, and Servlets.
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