4th edition (1997): ISBN 1-57521-184-X. 1,226 pages plus CD-ROM, US$49.99, includes the full text of two books, Java Unleashed and Microsoft Internet Explorer Unleashed on CD-ROM.

Readers and critics have praised The World Wide Web Unleashed.

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 The 1997 edition of The World Wide Web Unleashed captures much of the theory, background, and vitality of the complex, electronic communications medium known as the World Wide Web. By reading this book, you can build your Web literacy as well as find out more about the new versions of the most popular browsers, changes in tools and languages, as well as innovations that will help you create Web pages with added interactivity.

Part I orients you to the Web's global system for information, communication, and interaction. Understand how the Web emerged from ideas about associatively-linked information, and create a plan for your Web education based on concepts, processes, and your information needs.

In Part II, learn what software tools are available to help you use and create Web-based information. You'll learn about updates in browsers such as Netscape Navigator and its Web-generating sibling, Navigator Gold, as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer. You'll learn about ActiveX controls, the Java language, and FrontPage.

In Part III, learn how to navigate the Web's information spaces using the best strategies. Gain skills in searching for resources on subjects, keywords, directories of people and organizations, and interactive media sites. You'll get updates about the latest and best techniques for finding information on the Web, how to navigate the Web effectively, and improve your understanding of the makeup of the Web's information spaces.

In Part IV, you'll peruse Web sites that have been specially selected and reviewed for this edition. These sites demonstrate both the application of Web-building techniques and the depth of topics and information (everything from science and schools to history and art) now available on the Web.

Part V presents a process-oriented methodology that will help you create Web sites that are beyond merely "cool," but which are useful for meeting the needs of your Web users. At the back of the book, you'll find a set of reference pages which contain an extensive listing of resources to help you tap the potential for the World Wide Web.

The new edition is bound in a sturdy, hard-cover binding. and includes the full text of two books, Java Unleashed and Microsoft Internet Explorer Unleashed, on CD-ROM.

A full table of contents, the press release announcing the first edition of the book on 18 October 1994, and a larger image of the book's cover (70,366 bytes), are available.

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