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From: (Skip Montanaro)
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 1994 10:08:40 -0400
Subject: Citing CMC Magazine?


How would you prefer citations to articles in CMC magazine appear in
bibliographies?  Perhaps it's something to add to the masthead, since for
most of us, references to electronic journals are still the exception.

Skip Montanaro (
Now working for Automatrix - "World-Wide Communications Solutions"

Thanks for your question, Skip (this sentence should be read in the tone of a Snapple ® commercial :)).

You can cite an article from Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine in the same way you would an article from any other periodical--I've maintained many of the same naming conventions to allow this (including page numbers).

For example, here's an APA (American Psychological Association) style citation of an article from Communication Research:

  Fulk, J., C. W. Steinfield, J. Schmitz, and J. G. Power (1987). A social
     information processing model of media use in organizations.
     Communication Research 14 (5), 529-552.
So if you wanted to cite Anne Bilodeau's article, "Into the Net: A Reporter's Transformation," which appeared in Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine, Volume 1, Number 3, page 8:
  Bilodeau, A. (1994). Into the net: a reporter's transformation.
     Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine 1 (3), 8.
Of course, you would construct this differently according to the citation style you use (MLA, IEEE, etc.).

Your local library isn't going to have a copy of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine. However, if your library has a web page, your librarian should provide links to archives of online journals and magazines, for example:

Because CMC Magazine is only Web-accessible, you can give a clue to readers in offline, non-hypertext contexts that it is an online publication. The term "Uniform Resource Locator" should be a tip-off to either a reader or a reference librarian. You can include the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the archive (or index) page like this:

  Bilodeau, A. (1994). Into the net: a reporter's transformation.
     Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine 1 (3), 8.  Uniform
     Resource Locator
The reason I suggest giving the link to the archive page rather than directly to the article is that I'm planning to move the archive, but I'll keep the "front page" of the archive at that link.

Within hypertext, I'd suggest making a link to the archive directly through the magazine title:

  Bilodeau, A. (1994). Into the net: a reporter's transformation.
     Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine 1 (3), 8.
Later, as I have a stable archive site, you could link directly from the article's title to the article itself. In a hypertext cite, you could also consider making a link from the author's name to her home page.

In the above example, I used the Uniform Resource Locator to identify the location of the index. Watch for developments in addressing which may be implemented in the future, particularly with regard to Uniform Resource Names (which would be more persistent than a URL).

I'll make a link to your question and my answer in the Index of CMC Magazine for further reference.

Hope this helps.

John December

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