Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

Masthead / ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 1, Number 4 / August 1, 1994 / Page 1

Editor's Page

Jacking in from the "Where's Middle Ground?" Port
Brock N. Meeks reports on the latest cracks in the U.S. government's "Clipper Coalition." At issue is whether private encryption will be banned.

Are MUDs Banned in Australia?
You might have read about an Australian "ban" on MUDs in Usenet newsgroups or a mailing list. Wired even reported a ban in its July/August 1993 issue. But are MUDs actually banned in Australia? Elizabeth Reid provides an answer.

Your Work On TV? A View From the USA
What are the limits of showing online discourse? Who owns the copyright? What is fair use for publicly-accessible online interaction? Susan G. Lesch explores this important issue.

Net Presence
While real-world interpersonal interactions accumulate to form an "impression" of someone, what is "identity" and "presence" on the Net? Phil Agre describes several aspects of net presence and raises some questions for the future.

Preserving Democracy in Cyberspace: The Need for a New Literacy
If computer-mediated communication becomes the major means of communication, how can everyone participate? Don Langham outlines the need for a new literacy.

Digital Convergence is a Crock
Are communications technologies converging? Many people believe that there will be a television-phone-computer "appliance" that meets all needs. Bill Hulley emphatically disagrees.

Pyxis Cyberea: Discovering content in a new medium
How can journalists find content? Gary Ritzenthaler discusses experiments with finding news sources in the Florida Compass news project.

From the Nets
Waves... Scoop... Threads... Catches....

A question about citation style...