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ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 2, Number 7 / July 1, 1995 / Page 1

 Editor's Page
On morality online... Warning: This magazine contains links to information that is unsuitable for persons under 21 years of age.


 The Ethics of WWW Site Engineering
Web sites are being created at a breakneck rate. Technical issues are discussed in depth; design issues are just starting to gain attention; but what about the ethical issues of Web design? Chris Macdonald examines this question.


 The Cutting Edge
Chief Correspondent Chris Lapham rounds up the latest in online news. Big news this month: American Online purchases major Internet-grown properties.

 News Roundup
Amelia DeLoach rounds up more news from the online technology front: Netscape joins forces with more players in online and multimedia communications.

 Atravesando Fronteras
The 11th Computers and Writing drew scholars from all over the world to discuss ways to integrate computer-based writing instruction and interaction into classrooms; Mick Doherty provides a report from El Paso, Texas, site of the conference.


 The Evolution of the Newspaper of the Future
What will newspapers look like in the future? How will current online technologies change news delivery? Chief Correspondent Chris Lapham examines these questions and discusses possible models for online news delivery.

 Can the US Congress Define Decency?
Many in the United States Congress feel that they are the best authority on decency and want to pass laws in an attempt to restrict free speech on the Internet. Our Washington correspondent Lisa Schmeiser examines the latest sound and fury from Capitol Hill.


 From the Nets
What to do this summer? Lisa Schmeiser tours summer fun on the Web.

 The Last Link
Is it possible to have civility online? S. Michael Halloran argues that we must have civility in order to have civilization online.

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