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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 3, Number 6 / June 1, 1996

Inventing New Commodities
Chris Lapham introduces this issue on the economic realities of working and publishing on the World Wide Web. We need dollars and cents but creativity, innovation, and vision are the most valuable commodities now.


* Building "Webcentricity"
Christopher Kresser explains the necessary elements of successful commercial sites. He illustrates his argument with some of the best of the Web.

* The Evolution of the Revolution
Chris Lapham looks at advertising and other sources of revenue and raises some tough questions for webmasters: why are you online in the first place? The answer to that question can point you in the right direction.

* The Vision of an Accomplished Web Marketer
Yes, this is a revolution, and yes, the Web offers opportunity for profit. It's time to get off the shoulder and start riding the experience curve, says this guiding light of the Web. Chris Lapham interviews Donna Hoffman.

* Viewing the Web as a Marketplace
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Management Professors Gina O'Connor and Bob O'Keefe explain what being on the Web means to small businesses. For those ready to plunge online, and especially for those with cold feet, these experts outline what attracts and inhibits businesses contemplating a Web presence.

* The Bandwidth Tidal Wave
Marc Andreessen told Jupiter Conference attendees about the coming bandwidth flood and the wireless future that he sees as fast approaching. Chris Lapham reports on the prophesies of Netscape's guru.

* The Three Laws of the Cyber-Economy
What happens to business when the price of information and transactions drops to zero? Michel Bauwens explains how the market is changing and he's included a link to his excellent online guide to cyber-marketing.


* Call For Articles: Anti-Technological Attitudes Online
Both the UNABOMER and the labor movements have historically advocated an anti-technological stance, yet advocates of both have ironically gone online to promote their cause. An upcoming special issue of CMC Magazine will examine anti-technological ideas online.

* The Last Link: Employment Listings are Another Forfeited Franchise
Bob Wyman observes the loss of another part of the traditional paper-based news industry to the online world.

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