Masthead CMC Magazine / May 1, 1996

Riding the Technology Fence in Online Publishing

by Jim Brain

The media and technology options available concerning publishing have changed dramatically in the last decade. Keeping up with the changes can prove frustrating for any information publisher. Therefore, most publications use only those technologies that have been around for a certain amount of time. As more and more of the public embraces new technology faster and faster, the choices for the publisher become even more varied. The publisher must choose whether to serve those readers adopt the latest technology, or those readers who don't. In this article, --I describe the hurdles I faced when trying to provide content that straddles the fence of technology in order to appeal to both sets of readers. [TOC]

Jim Brain ( is editor of Commodore Hacking and an Embedded System Designer with Brain Innovations, Inc. (BII)

Copyright © 1996 by Jim Brain. All Rights Reserved.

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