The design of each page of CMC Magazine includes symbols and cues to help you navigate the magazine's contents.

The CMC Magazine logo, linked to the magazine's masthead, is on the upper-left corner of every article.
CMC Magazine
The link next to the logo connects you to the index, showing a presentation of articles from the archive and current news feeds.
identifies a link to the "root" or intended "front page" an article.
indicates the end of an article. This symbol is linked to the table of contents of the issue in which the article appears.
indicates that a link to more material which is part of the article and is the suggested next link for you to follow. By following these "breadcrumb" symbols through an article, you can use a procedure (described behind this link) to follow a path suggested by the author or editor of an article.

Of course, these are only cues and suggestions; you can read text in any order you want.

identifies a link to a related document in this issue of the magazine; usually used in conjunction with an author's name and with a phrase defining the relationship. For example:
[]Smith disagrees.
identifies a link to a note or a reference in the article. Following this linke will take you to a page of hypertext that serves as an aside or a note on the flow of the author's text; at the end of this aside, you can follow this symbol back to the place where it was referenced.

The links at the bottom of the page:

CMC Magazine Index
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Connect to:

  • The CMC Magazine Index icon connects you to the index of the magazine; this index lists the key information pages of the magazine and should be a quick way for you to connect to the major information areas of the magazine.
  • The table of contents of the issue in which the article appears (in the case of an article in the current issue, this will take you to the table of contents; in the case of past issues, this link will take you to the table of that past issue's contents). In the case of support pages like this page on navigation, this link won't exist, because you are not in an issue of the magazine.
  • An archive of links to past issues of the magazine.
  • A link to the sponsors of the magazine.
  • A link to the front of the CMC Studies Center.
  • A link to a form for contacting CMC Magazine.
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