Masthead CMC Magazine / May 1, 1996

A Framework for Electronic Publishing Issues

by John December

Book Review: Scholarly Publishing: The Electronic Frontier
Edited by Robin P. Peek and Gregory B. Newby
MIT Press, 1996
363 pages, indexed
ISBN 0-262-14060-8

This book provides a good framework for approaching the problems and issues of online publishing today. Although focused on scholarly publishing, the essays in this book are relevant to mass and popular publishing on the Internet.

When I first received this book for review, I approached it cautiously, knowing that the enormous interest in the Internet often leads to hyped-up discussions of the potential of "information superhighways," and ruminations about the potential of publishing online rooted in little practical experience. This book pleasantly exceeded my expectations. Although much of the discussion in it is a bit dated, and not all of it is rooted in Internet publishing experience, I would recommend this book as a good overview for finding out what --issues face online publishers. [TOC]

John December ( is editor of CMC Magazine.

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