November 1996

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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 3, Number 11 / November 1, 1996

Editor's Page
Amelia DeLoach introduces this special issue focusing on labor online. While it has not proven to be a magic bullet for organizing or protesting, the Net nonetheless has been used effectively as tool for labor organizations to publicize their views.


* Sending a Strike Message in a Bottle
Greg Dropkin describes how the Web site for Britain's Mersey Docks workers has augmented their strike efforts. They discovered, however, that the Net does not replace personal contact when it comes to seeking support for their cause. In a companion article, Chris Bailey tells the story about how the Web effort came about and the effect it had with the online union community.

* Unions, the Rank-and-File, and the Internet
While admitting that online communication benefits some union groups, IATSE member and long-time Internet user Allen Schaaf tells first hand how internal politics and an union's use of CMC can intensify mistrust between the leadership and the rank-and-file.

* How the Web Industry is Working its Way out of a Golden Age
They work 60-hour weeks and survive on a diet of Skittles and Jolt. So, why aren't Web workers clamoring to unionize? Lisa Schmeiser explores this question and discovers the answer has its roots in class issues.

* Shaping a Web for Inclusion
PASA member and Web developer Andrew Dunn profiles his union, the organization's communication needs, and how it developed a Web to meet those needs without excluding the non-Internet using members.


* The Last Link: Being Online
Amelia DeLoach draws together the content from this month's issue to examine labor's presence online: How do labor unions use the Internet? How effective is this use?

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