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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 6, Number 1 / January 1, 1999


* Editor's Page
Special issue editor Amelia DeLoach introduces this final issue on Web Usability.

* Usable?...Or Not?...Factors Affecting the Usability of Web Sites
Rakhi Rajani and Dr. Duska Rosenberg discuss the concept of usability in Web sites based on a study carried out at the Centre for Information Environments Research at Brunel University in London, England.

* Web Usability and Technology
Arthur R. Murphy discusses various Web design features and how they impact usability for the disabled. He describes how universal access requires one of two approaches: fully accessible structure and format or a graphical site with an alternate set of text only pages.

* Web Rings as Computer-Mediated Communication
Greg Elmer describes the emergence of Web rings as an alternative to the hierarchical nature of search engines, providing an avenue for linking together, in a relatively "autonomous" fashion, common web-based interests.

* Notes from the Road: Fall COMDEX is Still a Killer
Robley Curtice provides a dispatch from the fall Computer Dealer's Expo (COMDEX) which took place recently in Las Vegas, Nevada.

* The Last Link: The Last Link
John December bids the readers of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine farewell, as this is the final issue.

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