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Thank you for taking a look at my images. In my photography work, I seek to capture images of the landmarks, scenes, and flavor of where I live and travel. This page tells about sales of my images and what image types I produce.

I sell my images to consumers, commercial users, and the media.


I sell quality prints to consumers or businesses who want paper prints, framed prints, or gift items (postcards, mousepad, clothing) made from these images. These fine art prints can be made at various print sizes, and elaborate options for sizing, matting, and framing are available. These fine art prints are perfect if you who want a high-quality print cutomized as you wish and ready to use in any home, office, school, or commercial environment. For more information on the fine art prints, or to request an image to consider, please see my art sales page, johndecember.com/art for digital paintings and photographic prints.

Digital License

Third Ward on the River
I sell digital licenses for commercial users. With the digital license, you buy the digital file and use it as you wish--in prints, on your Web site, or on any item. I currently take photos using a digital camera with a resolution of 2848 by 4272 pixels. You can request any image I've made to consider for a commercial digital license by sending an email to johndecember@gmail.com.

Media Use

I sell digital licenses for media use, such as in magazines, newspapers, calendars, travel books, press kits, textbooks, broadcast, or media Web sites. The price for media use depends on the nature of the publication (size, placement, print run). You can request any image I've made to consider for a media license by sending an email to johndecember@gmail.com.

Image Types

I primarily take photographs of cityscapes, landscapes, and use either a documentary-style approach or prepare photos using High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques. For an overview of my work, you can take a look at my Gallery.

I'm continuously taking photos, so you can consider any of the photos from my photo stream, as these might not yet have showed up on my sales galleries. Let me know of a photo there you'd like to buy--email to johndecember@gmail.com.

HDR Photography

Night River Scene
I also prepare photos using a technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. This involves taking multiple images of the same scene and merging these using software. The results of this technique vary according to how the images are processed. In many cases, the results are similar to a painting--presenting a soft blending like an impressionist work--or with bold textures showing off the surfaces and light values of the scene. Producing an appealing HDR image is a challenge, and HDR work requires additional equipment, techniques, camera settings, talent, and time to produce. Please see my HDR Showcase.

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