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My dream is to make a living as an independent Web publisher. Working since 1992, I've steadily expanded my Internet information efforts, and now I've reached that dream.

I am grateful to all the people who use my online works and books, and especially those who visit my Web site regularly.

I also wish to thank the funding sources for this Web site. I've been excited to see that as the Web has matured, there are opportunities for small publishers like myself to find a niche and earn a living online. I want to thank all those who have purchased advertising on my site and those who have licensed my photography.

Thank you all--visitors and funders alike--you keep me working!

You can find out more information about me in my biographical statement. I list books I've been reading, all-time favorites, and my social network profiles on my personal page. You can learn about my last name or other things on my FAQ. If you have a question about my site, you can search johndecember.com or, if you have a general question, you can search the Web. See this information about email from and to johndecember.com. Thanks for your interest!

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Who am I and what am I doing?

John December

I develop content for johndecember.com, including all aspects of planning, analysis, design, implementation, promotion, and innovation. I am responsible for developing Web content that serves my site's audience and can produce earnings from advertising and affiliate revenue. To do this, I create, edit, and maintain Web page content, documents, links, templates, scripts, and generating software. I write and update Web page text and data, create hypertext, take and edit digital pictures, create and edit graphics, develop advertising and affiliate revenue, develop photography earnings, track earnings, evaluate potential advertising revenue services and affiliate programs, write freelance articles, write advertising copy local to my site, analyze my site's audience, correspond with site readers, correspond with potential advertisers, correspond with those interested photo licensing, analyze site statistics and trends in popularity, give presentations and seminars, teach courses, provide consulting to clients, monitor my site's technical operation and assure its availability by my Web hosting provider, proofread and check links on my site as part of ongoing maintenance, take care of company books and records, keep basic accounting information, maintain tax records and file appropriate forms, evaluate employees of the company (actually, just myself), organize the annual company meeting and awards ceremony, and edit and choose news leads and feeds for Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine. Since a big focus of my site is in providing links to useful information sources, I continuously work to discover, evaluate, describe, organize, and link to online resources that can help my site visitors. I keep abreast of Web document issues and technology and the topic areas of my Web site including reading books and periodicals and attending meetings and seminars, online and off. I am responsible for the financial, administrative, strategic planning, and public relations aspects of the corporation and obtaining the necessary professional assistance for tax, accounting, insurance, and legal issues.

To do all my work, nearly every day, I use skills in mathematics to think logically and see relationships among things, human communication and technical communication for insight into how to create Web-based documents and other communication to serve my site's audience, computer science for understanding information technology and doing software development, and creative writing for a process of invention, revision, and intuitive (rather than logical) comparison and communication. I also use my skills to live simply and frugally so that I can be free to do the work I want.

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