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  • IEEE Spectrum--Robotics: covers Artificial Intelligence, DIY Robots, Drones Home Robots, Humanoid Robots, Industrial Robots, Medical Robots, Military Robots, Robot Sensors & Actuators, Robotics Software, and Space Robots
  • The Robot Report: tracks the robotics business
  • Live Science--Robots: covers robots and related inventions; news, articles, images, infographics, references, and videos
  • Robohub: covers robotics research, start-ups, business, and education
  • robot: covers technologies and scientific discoveries; search for "robot" in news feed
  • SingularityHub robot: covers technology, breakthroughs, players, and issues shaping the future; search for "robot" in news feed
  • Robotics Trends: consumer-oriented robotic innovation and technologies
  • Robot Magazine: covers technology and robotics innovations for fun and education; includes how-to and coverage of building robots
  • Robot Rabbi: blog of Oliver Mitchell, chronicling the autonomy robolution, Manhattan, NY
  • Robotics Business Review: covers developments, people, and companies in robot development; some free articles; subscription required for full access
  • Robotics Law Journal: covers regulation issues for lawyers, manufacturers, and others in the robotics and artificial intelligence industry; some free content; other content requires subscription
  • The International Journal of Robotics Research: scholarly peer-reviewed journal; Editor: John M. Hollerbach, School of Computing, University of Utah, USA.
  • Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics: scholarly, peer-reviewed journal of American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Editor: Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania, USA; research in theory, algorithms and applications for robotic and machine systems
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