Surf the Web Surf Links: Web sites for browsing Internet content

These links help you browse a variety of Web content; you'll find links about current conditions (weather, time, cams), media (periodicals, audio, video, and Internet), and information (search, subjects, reference, reading, places, and maps).


These links help you explore the Web; here, you'll find organized and annotated links to Web sites about current conditions, media, and information. See the about section to find out more about this list and its use.


View current conditions online; these sites give you access to weather information as well as information on time zones, traffic for a variety of activities, and links to Webcams.

Surf the Web Media

Access worldwide media; gain access to a wide variety of periodicals, audio, video, and Internet-grown forms of media.


Many publications offer Web sites with online content; these links take you to directories of worldwide newspapers, magazines, news services, headlines, and specialized news sources.


Listen to on-demand and streaming audio; these links guide you to online audio archives and sites where music, radio programs or spoken word content is available. You can access audio books, podcasts, radio stations, international broadcasters, and radio networks. Obtain audio software. The entries at the end are direct links to Web sites I use often to locate radio shows, streaming music, and archived audio files.


View online video content; these sites guide you to online video in a variety of forms. From its origins in the early 1990's, Internet-delivered video has now become a major form of entertainment. Today, amateur and professionally-made films, television shows, clips, segments, news reports, documentaries, skits, comedy, slice-of-life reality, user-made videos, live streams--and more--are provided for viewing online. The links here present a variety of ways to encounter video online.


Access media developed on the Internet; these sites help you explore the forms of media that have evolved on the Internet itself. You can look at archives from ancient times, explore popular forms of online activity, or encounter the latest buzz of what is happening now.

Surf the Web Information

Search and use online information; these sites give you access to a wide variety of Internet content through searching, browsing, guided reference, or collections of reading material, place-based information, and maps.


Search portals connect you to information; these sites provide you ways to search the vast array of information on the Web. You can search online according to keywords, subject trees of information, people-oriented listings, user-generated content, or editorially-selected sites. I provide lists of top sites in each of these categories, then I list direct links to the search sites that I find I use the most. In addition, the general reference sites can also help you find answers to questions you have.


Subject-specific recommended sites; these sites link you to top Web sites in these selected topic areas. For more general Web browsing, see the search section or the reference section.


Ready-reference sites can connect you to answers; these sites include language reference works like dictionaries and thesauruses, fact sites like almanacs and encyclopedias, computational and knowledge sites, and links to further ready reference collections.


Online books are available on many topics; these sites provide full-text versions of classics, textbooks, and other books online. You can download some books, read various books online, and buy some ebooks online.


Access information about geographic regions and countries; these sites give you comprehensive information about world nations, including statistics, travel information, and information about local life.


Many Web sites provide mapping services; zoom in and out and select specific features to view on the map. These sites provide you with free online maps from all over the world. The final entry, USA Maps, is a collection focused on USA-specific maps.

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