MKE AlbumMKE Album: Saint James Court Apartments

Name:Saint James Court Apartments
Description:National Register of Historic Places
Address:map link 831 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Coordinates:43.0385648, -87.9227726 (sidewalk on Wisconsin Ave)
Place Area:westtown
Place Type:home
Nearby:(A) Saint James Court Apartments sidewalk on Wisconsin Ave
64 metersNEto(B) Milwaukee Public Library Central
87 metersNWto(C) Wisconsin Club
117 metersW to(D) Calvary Presbyterian Church
249 metersNEto(E) Milwaukee Fire Department Headquarters
250 metersNEto(F) Milwaukee Public Museum
297 metersE to(G) Wisconsin Tower
306 metersW to(H) Marquette University Johnston Hall
Saint James Court Apartments Photos

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