Streetcar MKE Streetcar: Map - view in Google Maps and/or Google Earth

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The Milwaukee Streetcar Map

Google Map

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Google Earth

You can "Fly" over the streetcar route with Google Earth. You can set up my Streetcar map in Google Earth and view the route with a 3D representation of buildings and landscape.

  1. First, you need to be logged into your Google account. If you are not, the option to download a KML file won't be available.
  2. Go to my map at and select from the "3 dot" menu to the right of the title. The selection will be to "Export to KML/KMZ" or "Download KML."
  3. Save that KML file to your computer.
  4. Open that KML file using Google Earth (download Google Earth for free at
  5. Then, using Google Earth, zoom in (do no enter street view) and angle your view to "fly" over the route. Red (south and westbound), blue (north and eastbound), and green (lakefront) lines indicate the route.
  6. As I update the map periodically, go back to check at and get a fresh KML file.
Google Earth Map:  Milwaukee's Streetcar Route
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