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Human Mobility

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Information site for pedestrian and bicycle health, safety, engineering, advocacy, education, enforcement, access, and mobility information. Presented by the The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Highway Safety Research Center and edited by engineers, urban planners, and other specialists. Includes links to related Web sites and programs, including International Walk to School in the USA.
Walkable Communities
Organization helping communities become more friendly to human beings walking. Presents walkability as a key for overall urban health--economic, environmental, and cultural--so that decision makers can see walkability not as a cost but as a catalyst for vibrant cities. Another organization, America Walks, is a coalition of groups dedicated to promoting walkable communities.
Walk Score
In evaluating a place to live, see how many nearby places you can walk. This site gives you a quick overview of how many places you can walk from a particular address. This site itself admits its limitations, and you'll need to further weight the places it comes up with based on your own valuation of them. However, this site is a very good way to quickly get a dramatic sense of how where you live impacts where you can walk.


Transporation Alternatives, NYC
A NYC-based group that advocates for cycling, walking, and transportation alternatives. This shows how much can be done locally.
Public Transportation
An informational site presented by the American Public Transportation Association that covers transit system issues such as legislation, reports, and resources.
Walk Be Car Free
Use walking, bicycling, or get a ride when you need it. But don't own a car.
Car Car/Mobility Sharing
Borrow or Rent a car only for the time you need one. Borrow a car from someone using peer-to-peer matching sites or use a short-term car rental system. Registered users can rent a car easily by the hour or day and pick up and return the vehicles at stations throughout a metro area. Users pay for what they use, and be car-free otherwise or take public transportation.
Rent a bike when you need it. This is a bicycle rental system. SmartBikes stations are located throughout a city to allow users access to a bicycle when they need it. A good alternative to owning a bicycle, as you pay exactly for what you use when you need it. However, I think owning a bike is a good option for transit.
USA Transport
Lists informational sites about tranportation options in the United States.

Urban Concepts

Project for Public Spaces
Works to create and sustain public places that build communities.
International Making Cities Livable Council
An interdisciplinary, international network of individuals and cities dedicated to making our cities and communities more livable. Includes goals for "balanced transportation planning makes possible commuting via pedestrian networks, bicycle networks, traffic-calmed streets and public transportation."
Congress for New Urbanism
New Urbanism is a design pattern that stresses walkability, mixed use developments, and the density that leads to urban efficiency and human interest. Critiqued for being overly nostalgic for the past or its reliance on gentrification, this movement nonetheless is a counterpoint to automobile-centric urban development theory and practice.
Smart Growth
A concept that stresses the re-use of infrastructure in a city to avoid further sprawl. Stresses principles of walkability, mixed use, transportation, and compact building designs.
Prince's Foundation
Prince of Wales' Foundation for the Built Environment. Advocates and educates for the improvement of people's lives through "timeless ways of building." The Prince of Wales has strongly critiqued the architecture and urban forms of the United Kingdom that "in many cases failed both the individual and the community and frequently led to vandalism and social isolation."
Planning and development network

Kindred Sites

In researching information for my People Places section, I realize that I am far from alone. Therefore, I've prepared a list of Web sites that articulate similar ideas as my site that have further useful information.

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