Log In, Check Present Working Directory, Log Out

You can use the telnet application on your computer to connect to your Unix account. If you use a Unix terminal or workstation, you can usually enter your user id and password on the opening screen to gain access.

Here is how I accessed my account on the miller.cs.uwm.edu machine by entering this URL in my Web browser:


The telnet application application popped up with a Unix window giving me a chance to login to my Unix account:

Resolving miller.cs.uwm.edu...
Found IP address for miller.cs.uwm.edu...
Trying (PORT:23)...
Connected to
 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

login: johnd
Last login: Mon Sep 30 12:37:20 from e237-pc01.cae.uw
TERM = (unknown) 
Terminal set to unknown
$ pwd
$ exit
$ logout

Connection closed...

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