Display One Page at a Time

Use more before a filename to display its contents one page at a time.

Hit the spacebar to continue viewing a page at a time. Press the control and C keys at the same time to end the viewing.

$ more index.html

Here is the list of Unix demonstrations available:

<LI>Demonstration of Unix Commands:
        see <A href="../ref/commands.html">Unix command

     <A href="date.html">date</A>,
     <A href="history.html">history</A>,
     <A href="uname.html">uname</A>,
     <A href="env.html">env</A>,
     <A href="who.html">who</A>,
     <A href="cal.html">cal</A>,
     <A href="bc.html">bc</A>,
     <A href="quota.html">quota</A>,
     <A href="man.html">man</A>,
     <A href="whatis.html">whatis</A>
        <LI>Files and Directories:

You can pipe the output of a command to more:

$ history | more
   1  b
   2  cd ../nyc
   3  b
   4  cd ../nycd
   5  b
   6  cd ../places
   7  b
   8  cd ../sea
   9  b
   10  cd ../sfo
   11  b
   12  cd ../up
   13  b
   14  cd ../vita
   15  b
   16  b
   17  cd ../html/tutor
   18  b
   19  b
   20  b
   21  b
   22  b
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