Intro to Unix

Turning in Assignments

Please use these procedures to turn in the assignments for grading.

Check the requirements

First, take special care to look over the grading and due diligence policies for assignments before you turn in an assignment. Take special note of the firm on-time policy and the requirements for content, operation, syntax, and readability.

Your assignment is due by the time listed on the syllabus.

Send by email to the correct person with correct subject line

For security and administrative reasons, you must use the Unix account supplied to you by the University to prepare and email your assignment. Failure to do so will result in your assignment not being graded.

When you are all set, send your assignment as a mail message in plain text (not as an attachment) to your instructor at this email address
with a subject line as follows.
  1. For asg1, the subject line should be:
  2. For asg2, the subject line should be:
  3. For asg3, the subject line should be:

Please use the exact subject line as shown above. This is because I filter my electronic mail. My email reading software (Pegasus Mail) sorts incoming messages with these subject lines into a "Class" folder. Email without correct subject line will go into a general folder called "Unsorted" where I may not see it. Further, I check for "" in the sender's email address; If "" is not in the sender's address, I will ignore the email.

Look at this one-line mail trick to see how you can turn in your assignment at the Unix prompt. For the first assignment, you might practice emailing it to yourself before turning it in. Make absolutely certain that you send the assignment in plain text--do NOT use Microsoft Word or any other word processor to prepare your assignment or it will more than likely be messed up.

Watch for a receipt

You will get a receipt by email after you send your assignment to me.

In general, I check my mail very frequently, every couple of hours during a typical day. When assignments are due and close to the deadline, I check my email more frequently.

Be sure to check your email for a receipt before the deadline to verify that your assignment got through. You must get this receipt before you consider the assignment done-- "It's not complete until you get your receipt!"

Send another email if you have sent your assignment and you do not get a receipt within a reasonable period of time before the deadline. I will grade the assignment I receive from you with the earliest time stamp.

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