These are the symbols used within this web and their meaning.

Web Development Index A link to the index information about this web.
Web Development: Briefing Chart A link to a hypertext briefing chart about a process or an element.
Web Development: Planning Example a link to development information about the Web Development web itself; these examples illustrate the processes and elements of the methodology.
Web Development: Form
a link to a worksheet form for helping you perform a process or record information about an element. I'll identify the format of the handout with parenthesis after the symbol.
HTML and CGI Unleashed A link to the book support web for HTML & CGI Unleashed, a book in which I describe this methodology.
WWW Unleashed A link to the book support web for The World Wide Web Unleashed, the book in which I first described an initial version of this methodology.
The HTML Station A link to The HTML Station, a reference resource for hypertext markup language and web implementation.
December Communications, Inc. A link to December Communications, Inc., the publisher of this web.
John December A link to the home page of the author of this web.
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