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Class Partipation

Throughout the class, I ask that you periodically volunteer answers, volunteer to come to the front of the class to demonstrate on the computer some topic of discussion, and contribute to the overall learning environment.

The purpose of class participation is to help you become more involved with the material and learning process.

Class Participation Points

  1. On an index card, write down your name and email address at the top.
  2. Each time you volunteer an answer, come up to the front of the class to demonstrate some class topic, ask a question, or in some other way add positively to the learning environment, write it down on your Class Participation card. Record the date, time, and a short description of what you did. Don't record ordinary participation, like raising your hand when I ask something like, "Who here has a home PC?" Vague, non-specific, or incomplete entries will not receive full credit.
  3. To get the most credit for your class participation entries, be sure to record the date and time and be specific in your description of what you did. For example, don't make a vague entry that says "answered a question." Instead, for example, have an entry like this: "2001-01-06 10:03 am Answered question by describing how URLs are used in television advertising."
  4. At the end of class on days when you wrote something down, turn in the card to me. I will assign a point value to the entries on your card, record them, and then turn the card back to you at the start of the next class day.
  5. The card is due at the end of the class on days on which your participated. Don't forget to turn it in, or you won't get the points.
  6. The maximum number of Class Participation points you can accumulate is 25. I may assign any point value to each of your class participation entries.

An Example Class Participation Card

John December       NET

2001-01-08 9:15am: Volunteered to go up to the front of the room
   to demonstrate using a browser.

2001-01-09 11:10am: Answered the class discussion question, "How 
   is the Internet different than AOL?"

2001-01-10 11:25am: Asked the question, "Why isn't the Internet
   run by a single organization?"

2001-01-11 8:35am: Brought an Internet book to class, brought it
   to the instructor and allowed it to be passed around.

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