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CourseCourse--Introduction to Internet/Web
* Getting Started * Electronic Mail * Definitions * Content * Terms to Know * Net Use * Searching * Communicating * Tools * The Context of the Web

Orientation ListInternet Orientation
* You can learn about the Internet using the Internet itself.

Guides ListGuides to Using the Internet
* There's no shame in admitting you are new to the Internet.

Reference ListInternet Reference
* Every Internet user might want to have some Internet reference works handy

Explore ListInternet Exploring and Browsing
* You can get an idea of the content of the Web through exploring sites.

Subjects ListSubject-Oriented Searching
* Subject-oriented information collections give you a way to find information by looking at a list of subject categories.

Keywords ListKeyword-Oriented Searching
* Keyword-oriented searching is like looking through the pages of a book or a dictionary to find information based on a word.

People ListConnecting with People
* A popular activity on the Internet has always been connecting with other people.

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