Intro to Internet/WWW Intro to Internet/WWW

Searching the Internet/WWW

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce you to searching techniques on the Internet and World Wide Web.

How do you find things on the Internet and Web?

We talked about the Net's content in a previous lesson as well as the cautionary advice to treat its content more like  a diverse city than a library.

The big adventure of the Net, to me, is the vast amount of content. Since 1994 when Net use began to really take off, there has been so much content added online--and good conent--that it is mind boggling.

While in 1993, I believe I had visited every Web site in existence (hey, I had time on my hands, and there were only a few hundred), the Web filled up so quickly with content that it be impossible now for any human to do so.

Therefore, techniques and tools for searching are imperative if you are going to find what you want.

You'll need to learn to use tools, generically called "search engines." Read this tutorial about "How Search Engines Work."

Types of Searching

Searching Tips

A good resources to read is the Search Engine Tutorial by Pandia.

Exercise: Search the Internet and Web

Spend some time trying out all the searching methods discussed in this lesson to find some things online that interest you. How easy is it to find useful information? Do you trust the information you find?

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