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If you want to contact John December, please see these instructions on sending email to John December.

In general, your message is likely to get through if you use the correct subject line as defined in my online publications or as described the seminar or course.

Email from

If you receive email that appears to come from the domain, the email may not have come from me, John December, with the email address

As you may realize, it is very easy to use email software and make it seem as if an email message comes from any email address. Spammers often send out email that uses an apparent return address with different domain names.

How to check for a valid email from

I am the sole authorized user of the domain If you use your email reading software to look at the raw view of an email message and examine all the headers, the origin of genuine messages from me will have the return path of <> and it will originate from (via google email services) OR

I do not send out any spam. You might receive an unsolicited email from me regarding a suggestion to list one of my online works in your directory or Web site, but that is about it. I definitely don't make unsolicted telephone or sales calls.

Any other use of in an email address is not a genuine email from me.

Known Spam

In particular, I myself have received email apparently coming from my own domain, with subject lines such as:
Let's socialize, my friend!
I'm a sad girl...
from users such as christy, jessie, ann, or others. These messages usually contain a virus. These are not valid emails from Believe me, there are no sad girls here, nor anyone who is looking to socialize*.


So, in brief, you can disregard any email from that contains a virus or an unsolicited commercial query. If in doubt, you can check the raw view of the email and make sure that the email has the return path of <> and you can trace all the headers (requiring the special view in your email reading software) back to the email's origin at OR

You can always reply to the email message and query me if you are wondering. I am the only one who reads email sent to, but see this information about sending email to me.

* Well, I guess I wouldn't minding socializing, but I wouldn't send out spam queries about it--you can see my social networking profiles on my personal page.
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