This book presents an overview of HTML markup and gateway programming (CGI) as well as web content development, including processes of planning, analysis, design, implementation, promotion, and innovation. The coverage of gateway programming includes discussion of fundamentals and techniques, with an emphasis on implementation in Perl.

The stress in the first part of this book is on the theoretical and conceptual issues of web development (such as planning, analysis, and design). Therefore this book isn't just an HTML "tag reference," but a book that will build your understanding of the Web as a new medium for communication and your process skills in developing Web information. Real-world case studies are included, and you'll also gain a great deal of knowledge in HTML, gateway programming, and web development technologies and techniques.

Readers and critics have praised HTML & CGI Unleashed.

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The new edition includes updated and new content covering the HTML 3.2 specification and new technologies such as JavaScript and VBScript as well as the full text of two books, Java Unleashed and Netscape 3 Unleashed, on CD-ROM. The new edition is bound in a sturdy, hard-cover binding with high-quality paper.

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