"The book of the month is John December's Presenting Java... [Java and HotJava] are described in clear language in this book. Recommended."

-- Jerry Pournelle, Byte Magazine, March 1996.

"[John December's Presenting Java (Sams.net, $25)] ... I also read this book through and praise it for its general coverage of Java. Many of us will soon be using Java browsers and applets (i.e., Java applications) but very few of us will get into programming Java. Whereas HTML programming is accessible to most people because of its simplicity, Java is a "real" programming language (probably best described as a subset of C++ with some extensions) which requires strict adherence to language syntax as well as careful planning and coding to develop an application. But this is not a book for programmers. Rather, it's an introduction to what Java is about and what it can do. It gives examples of programs/applets that can be created with Java. The author also tells where to find the Hot Java browser and other Java resources. There is also some discussion of creating Java applets for the technically inclined. Java is bound to be the "next big thing" and I'm glad I was able to get my feet wet with this quick introduction. I recommend it if you want to find out about Java."

-- Cye H. Waldman, "Browser Watch"

"...What makes this a Best of 1995 is the fact that JAVA is explained in an easy to understand fashion, yet without being too elementary to be boring to the programmers. Not to long ago I interviewed John December for the Radio version of The Computer Show, this guy knows the NET as well as most and much more than many. If you want JAVA, you want this book."

-- Bruce Keffer, Best Books of 1995, The Computer Show

From bullmarket@msn.com Tue Feb 20 15:36 EST 1996
From: "John Soumilas" <bullmarket@msn.com>
To: johndecember@gmail.com
Subject: Java

I just finished reading your book Presenting Java. While I am not a programmer and have little ability to approach programming at this point in time, I have taken the perspective of reading about Java and the exciting possibilities it offers. I cannot help but feel that Java goes beyond offering an evolutionary step in using the World Wide Web. I believe that Sun Microsystems has a system here that has the powerful potential of eradicating many of the systems/software that are currently in use. This hypothesis I believe is somewhat substantiated by the announcement of LSI Inc's pending offer of a $500 computer that can use the web. By using Sun's Java, applications as we know them today could easily be stored off the home computer and frequented only as necessary.

I have to say that your book has been by far the best introduction to this exciting new topic. I want to ask you if you have any further publications that I may read. I'm very interested viewing this entire phase of computing from a business standpoint as I believe many "tech" companies will have to rethink the future of the computer industry. In particular, I believe Microsoft has a lot of scrambling to do in order to maintain its leadership in the software/application business.

Thanks for an excellent book

John Soumilas

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 13:27:39 -0400
From: "Charles E. Midgette" <midgette@i-2000.com>
To: johndecember@gmail.com
Subject: Presenting Java
X-Url: https://johndecember.com/works/java.html

Just purchased your "Presenting Java" at B&N in New York. Your book support site is outstanding.


Charles E. Midgette

Date: Fri, 05 Apr 1996 15:25:43 +0100
From: owend <owend@mbox.vol.it>
To: johndecember@gmail.com
Subject: Intellectual property issues involved in the use of Java.
X-Url: https://johndecember.com/works/

I am an Italian student of law. First, may I congratulate you very much on your Presenting Java; your book has the great quality to talk about Java not only from a technical point of view but adopts an integrated approach in order to consider also another questions such as legal issues. On this last subject, I'm very interested in your remarks about the intellectual property issues involved in the use of Java language (Chapter 4 Page 59), and I'd like so much to look into that issue. I write you to ask you if you have published something regarding that theme. I'm really sorry for my little English, and I send you my warmest regards.

Davide Consonni

From: 102217.1712@compuserve.com
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 20:49:42 -0500
To: johndecember@gmail.com

I bought your book about Java, since it was the first one on the market. It is real easy reading, it explains Java in plain English. I have read the first three parts of it and have enjoyed it.



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