december.comDecember Communications, Inc. Corporate Facts

December Communications, Inc. is a privately-held corporation. Its primary business focus is on providing online publications related to its developed expertise in Internet use, development, and reference as well as selected city information.


John December

Company History

First formed as a corporation in New York State in February 1996; relocated and incorporated in Wisconsin, February 1998.


Major publications include:

Popularity is an award-winning Web site that has been online since 1995. It is ranked in the top 50,000 Web sites in Web traffic by Alexa and is visited by an average of more than 10,000 people per day. (Alexa ranking and daily average visitors for November 2010.)


John December has given presentations to more than 4,000 information professionals and members of the public in six countries. He's given featured keynote speeches at conferences in Beijing, Hong Kong, Stockholm, Mexico City, and Hawaii.
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