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This is the image-sharing site that I use. I have a professional account which gives me unlimited uploads. This site is extremely useful for organizing photos because I can use collections, sets, tagging, and geotagging to keep track of and organize the photos I take.
Canon Account *excellent*
This is where you can register all your Canon products in one place. I highly recommend this. First, registering your products helps with warranty repair or information about issues regarding your product. Second, this Canon account keeps everything in one place so that you have a complete record of your products, including model and serial number. This also could help in the event of loss or theft.
Official product site from Canon USA--cameras
Reviews of Cameras
Digital Photography Review
Camera Labs Review
Purchasing Cameras, Lenses, and Supplies
Cameras, Lenses, and Supplies from Amazon
Owning your Camera if your camera is stolen, you might check this site to see if photos from it were posted online.

See also: Links to purchase supplies.

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