John December

I earned a Master of Science degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee's Department of Computer Science in May 1991. In my thesis project, I built a CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) Tool for C++ using X11/Interviews.


The C++ Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tool is a computer program which helps a user develop C++ designs and programs through a graphical representation of software objects. The notation graphically represents public, private, and protected members of a C++ object, and parent-child, friend, and instance relationships among objects. The C++ CASE Tool enables the developer to generate specification files and skeleton body code directly from the visual representation of objects and relationships, and thus the C++ Tool connects program design to implementation. This connection provides a means to create, modify, and document C++ objects and members using the graphical notation. The developer can then take advantage of a graphical representation of the software system.

The graphical user interface for the C++ CASE Tool is written with the InterViews toolkit, a library of C++ graphics classes built for the X Window System. The code internals for control of the graphical user interface and parsing routines for C++ files and other controls were also written in C++. The graphics for the C++ CASE Tool allow a user to have three independently pannable and scalable views of a system of objects, a scrollable list of objects currently loaded into the tool and a scrollable list of members of the current object. The user can have relationship lines drawn on the system of objects, showing parent-child, friend, and instance relationships. From this visual representation, C++ specification files and skeleton body code can be generated or LaTeX code can be generated to depict an object. The C++ CASE Tool provides some of the aspects of commercial CASE tools in the areas of design diagramming and code generation.

A copy of the thesis is available in the UW-Milwaukee Library:

AUTHOR December, John.
TITLE A C++ CASE tool / by John December. -- 1991.
FORMAT xiv, 167 leaves : ill. ; 29 cm.
NOTES Thesis (M.S. in Computer Science)--University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, 1991.
Includes bibliographical references.
1. NAME December, John.
2. SUBJECT C (Computer program language)
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