John December

Statement of Ethics

The purpose of this statement is to describe the ethical standards that cover the courses I teach.

My Promise to You

I will work to the best of my ability to prepare and present materials to accomplish the objectives of the course.

I will use class time effectively and maintain a positive learning environment.

I will provide you with support to learn the material and complete assignments.

I will grade your assignments fairly with equal treatment for all students. I will explain how your assignments were graded and accept appeals of my grading.

I will respect all students and their efforts to accomplish the course objectives.

What I Expect of You

I expect you to work responsibly and ethically on the requirements for this course.

Be Responsible

I expect you to take responsiblity to find out the course requirements and how to accomplish them successfully.

I expect you to ask right away if you don't understand something.

I expect you to study course material and use suggested exercises and assignments to test and improve your knowledge.

I expect you to complete assignments as required on your own.

I expect you to respect my efforts to accomplish the course objectives, including holding all students responsible for their work.

Be Ethical

Never turn in work which is not yours.

If you use quotes, ideas, or materials in your work from books or from someone else, clearly identify this material as a quotation or paraphrase and identify the source or author of the quotation.

Do not look into other student's computer files, directories, or papers for the purpose of finding out how they did their assignment.

Never share printouts of your assignment with another student for the purpose of letting them know how to do the assignment.

You may discuss general strategies or the requirements for the assignment with others, but not in a manner which relieves any student from the responsibility of completing the assignment on his or her own.

Do not transmit, mail, or cause to be transmitted, any portions of an assignment except to authorized persons, such as Teaching Assistants or Instructors.

Any student caught cheating will be dealt with according to University policies concerning Academic Dishonesty.

My Philosophy

If I give you a fish,
You eat for a day.

If I teach you to fish,
You eat for a lifetime.

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