Audio Links: Internet audio directories, broadcasters, and technology Audio Links: Internet Audio Information Sources

Information sources about audio on the Internet; this table of links help you locate Internet-based audio and radio broadcasts and recordings as well as understand and use the technology; here, you'll find directories of broadcasters, podcasters, and audio files and programs, and links to networks, software, reference, publications, and organizations involved in Internet-delivered streaming or on-demand audio


This web helps you explore audio on the Internet. You can view and link to this information in a variety of ways, and your suggestions are welcome. Use the links at the top of this page to navigate and access this information.

On Demand

Web sites providing or guiding you to on-demand audio content; the Internet has long served as a repository for audio files; many books have been translated to audio files and are available for free (or a fee) for download; archives collect audio files; podcasts are serial programs that are available for download

Audio Links: Internet audio directories, broadcasters, and technology Broadcasters

Providers of Audio Content


Web sites providing or guiding you to on-demand or streaming audio; the Internet has long served as a means to distribute streaming audio; over-the-air broadcasters as well as Internet-only sites provide audio streams in a wide variety of genres


International broadcasters; these sites represent international radio broadcasters; in most cases, these are the official government-run national radio services that stream content online in addition to providing short-wave or other means of broadcast; the country code before each name is to help alphabetize the listings


Larger broadcast networks; these are some of the larger radio broadcast networks, primarily in the United States; most distribute content as live streaming audio or podcasts on the Internet in addition to over-the-air broadcasting through local affiliate radio stations; for international broadcasters, see the international broadcasters list

Audio Links: Internet audio directories, broadcasters, and technology Technology

Information about technology and its use


Software used; in order to hear audio on your computer, weather streaming or from files, you'll need audio player software; there are many options, although some players are associated with proprietary formats (e.g., Apple's QuickTime with iTunes, RealAudio with the Real Player); many audio players have been expanded in scope and purpose to include a wide range of tasks, including selling music, managing all your music in libraries, and enabling you to create audio disks; with some effort, however, you can still get some players to simply play audio files--the best thing to do is turn off as many features of the players as possible




Periodicals and sites



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