Net Video Links Net Video: Web sites for browsing and watching Internet video

These links help you browse a variety of Net video content; use these links to connect directly to video hosts, channels, guides, and search engines. From its origins in the early 1990's, Internet-delivered video has now become a major form of entertainment. Today, professionally and amateur-made films, television shows, clips, segments, news reports, documentaries, skits, comedy, slice-of-life reality, user-made videos, live streams--and more--are provided for viewing online.


These links help you explore Net video; here, you'll find organized and annotated links to Web sites about Net Video.


Access information about video operations, technologies, and content; these pages or sites provide background or explanatory information about online video, video content, technology, or sites that evaluate or review movies,TV, and video

Net Video Links Hosts

Access Web sites providing video content; these sites store video online for access to the general public or subscribers; the content could come from many different producers of video content or it could be content by one production organization (e.g., a television network or movie studio)


Use portals for multi-purpose, multi-channel, multi-producer online video content; these sites serve a variety of purposes and host content aggregated from a wide variety of sources; have their own interfaces or guides to their content, but see the Search or Topics section for different ways to discover this content from multiple portals; see also the Mix section for sites that mash together hosted and unhosted content


View videos organized around content from a network or production brand; includes sites grown out of television networks, cable channels, public-service media networks, or web-based producers; site may include a variety of shows or sub-channels; sites may contain clips or full episodes of programs

Net Video Links Guides

Use descriptions and links to locate videos on a variety of hosting sites; these sites do not host videos, but link to online sources where the videos are hosted through a directory, index, and/or a search feature; these guide sites often provide a clear, coherent, simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand way to find videos from multiple sites; the videos can presented as links or embedded in the Web pages of the guides


Locate videos of all kinds from many sources; some present premium site results, have price comparisons, or have the option to search for free content only


Encounter videos related to a particular topic at many different sites; can be in the form of annotated directories, lists, or a combination with search features; sites might link to videos or embed them on Web pages


Sort through a wide range of popular videos from many sources; usually organized as a mish-mash of clips, user-contributed videos, previews, commercials, trailers, viral videos, gossip, music videos, celebrity news, home videos, advertisements, promotions for movies or TV shows; usually characterized by a loose organization

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