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Waking up, preparing for your day, going to work or school, working, recreation, social activities, shopping, and errands--these are what your life is made of. Are you able to accomplish your routine activities efficiently? Or do you feel like you are spending much of your time running around accomplishing little?

The clutter of tasks and errands need not rule your life. This section is about overthrowing unproductive daily and long-term habits.

In this section, we'll look at how you can establish habits that more efficiently engage your time, give you greater ability to be productive, and prepare you to spend more of your energy following your dreams.

Establish sustainable habits

Do you feel frustrated driving around town, missing appointments, breaking commitments, and battling crowds? Do you feel your precious time, money, and personal resources drain away without benefit to you?

You can revise your habits so that you focus on taking care of your time, yourself, your money, and your information. And you can establish these habits as sustainable, not just as quick fixes or temporary resolutions.

Be prepared

Few things will complicate your life as much as unexpected events. Everything from natural disasters or crime to common urban situations may expose you to inconvenience, property loss, or injury.

The Boy Scouts motto, "Be Prepared" is not a bad idea. By taking some simple precautions to prepare, you can help ameliorate the risk of loss as a result of the unexpected.

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