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You are not an island. Unless you are a skilled survivalist who can start out naked in the woods and build a shelter and gather food, you must rely on other human beings for your life. In an urban area, you rely on tens of thousands of people to provide you with shelter, water, food, services, energy, goods, transit, companionship, protection, entertainment, information, communication, government, and infrastructure. You are inevitably and intricately interdependent with others.

Recognizing your interdependence is an important step toward simplicity. Because after you acknowledge your needs, you can then focus on getting what you need when you need it in the most efficient way possible.

Stockpiling everything you might need in a quantity to last you a lifetime requires far too much energy and resources. The section "Hone Your Routine" describes ways to efficiently organize your daily and weekly routines to get what you need when you need it. This section is all about meeting your needs by tapping into resources--other people, the Internet, and your own records.

Develop Networks

Use Internet information and communication

The Internet is fast, cheap, and a rich information source for many kinds of questions. If you have the ability to access the Internet and intelligently use its resources, you can simplify your life. You can quickly find information for your hobbies or profession. You can identify and purchase items from low-cost suppliers. You can communicate and share information quickly and cheaply.

Chart your progress

Access resources

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